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Missouri Secrets Products

  • Bouncer Basics

    Bouncer Basics

    Bouncer Basics includes 5 Safety Swivels and 5 Quick change bottom bouncer snaps that we use when rigging our pencil-style bottom bouncers. 

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  • Mustad Beak Hooks

    Mustad Beak Hooks

    Beak hooks are extra-strong to handle fish. They have long points for better penetration and are great with bait. Beak hooks have a reversed point and a turned-up, tapered eye. Nickel plated.

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  • Prop Kits

    Prop Kits

    If you like tying your own rigs, this kit will give you what you need: 5-#4 Mustad hooks, 5-#2 propellers and an assortment of 10 beads. 

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  • Naked Rigs Naked Rigs

    Naked Rigs

    With a Missouri Secrets twist on the original lindy rig. The Naked Rig features preimum glow in the dark beads and are hand tied when you order. Product ships with in five days of order.

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  • Eye Candy

    Eye Candy

    Eye Candy is a sweet, visible treat that walleye can't resist while ice fishing with tip-ups and rattle reels. They are made with the brightest glow in the dark beads we could find. 36in long and your choice of hook size.

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  • Predator Rigs Predator Rigs

    Predator Rigs

    This rig is designed for use under bobbers, tip ups and also shore fishing on the bottom for Northern Pike and Muskie. The sliding hook allows the rig to fit any size bait-dead or alive. It is made with a 28 in. heavy duty steel leader and #2 triple grip...

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