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Ice Fishing

  • Cold Snap Auger Covers Cold Snap Auger Covers

    Cold Snap Auger Covers

    Cold Snap Auger Covers Is the exclusive manufacturer of snap on blade protectors for Strikemaster, Jiffy, ION, Eskimo, K-Drill, NilsUSA, Clam augers.  All Cold Snap Covers have a LIFETIME Guarantee.  Replacement bands available.

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  • Custom Tackle Boxes Custom Tackle Boxes

    Custom Tackle Boxes

    Pick how much you want to spend, what fish you are targeting, Style of fishing and we'll send you an email to iron out the details. Please allow two weeks for delivery after your order is finalized.

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  • Eye Candy

    Eye Candy

    Eye Candy is a sweet, visible treat that walleye can't resist while ice fishing with tip-ups and rattle reels. They are made with the brightest glow in the dark beads we could find. 36in long and your choice of hook size.

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  • Ice Box Ice Box

    Ice Box

    The "ICE BOX" is the newest in the lineup! The Answer to lure management is here, the ICE BOX delivers! Double Sided! 12 powerful magnets per side! Water Proof Seal! Fits easily in rod bags, and buckets! Keeps lures tangle free!    

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  • Ice Buddy Ice Buddy

    Ice Buddy

    The "ICE BUDDY" Is new to the line up!The ICE BUDDY Delivers for the run and gun ice angler!**Comes With Mount and Mini Mag Board**​ Mounts in Flip over, and Popup style portables! Mounts on flashers and graphs for hole hopping! Can be mounted almost...

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  • Jig Rig Jig Rig

    Jig Rig

     Features Ultra Low Memory Silicone, and Watertight Seal! (Lures Not Included)​-Includes  Silicone jig case with watertight seal.-LURES ARE NOT INCLUDED120 Silicone slotsDimensions (outside)    W 4'' x L 7.5'' x H .5'' ***Fits...

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  • Mag Tack Complete System Mag Tack Complete System

    Mag Tack Complete System

    Mag Tack System is a Magnetic, Vertical Tackle Storage System. ***Additional Shipping Cost Applies***Each Mag Tack Lure Board is double sided.  Extremely powerful rare earth magnets organize up to 54 lures and put them at your fingertips for quick,...

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  • Predator Rigs Predator Rigs

    Predator Rigs

    This rig is designed for use under bobbers, tip ups and also shore fishing on the bottom for Northern Pike and Muskie. The sliding hook allows the rig to fit any size bait-dead or alive. It is made with a 28 in. heavy duty steel leader and #2 triple grip...

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  • Premium Glow Beads Premium Glow Beads

    Premium Glow Beads

    Our Premium Glow beads our are the brightest and longest glowing beads we could find. They are not the cheapest but they are the best. Visable color may very.

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  • Super Snip Line Cutter with UV glow light Super Snip Line Cutter with UV glow light

    Super Snip Line Cutter with UV glow light

    Our most innovative fishing line cutter yet, the Super SNIP, features a UV LED Light, Integrated Fish Hook Eye Cleaner, Retractable Tether and Stainless Steel long blades. The UV LED conveniently charges glow jigs in seconds and provides the perfect...

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  • Tackle Buddy Tackle Buddy

    Tackle Buddy

    This storage system keeps all your prop rigs ready to catch fish. They are made of heavy duty rubber for strength and durability and have removable caps so you can store terminal tackle inside. 

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  • UV Glow Light UV Glow Light

    UV Glow Light

    The Ice Rig glow light is pergect for glowing all your Ghost Series fishing tackle. It has 3 functuns bright, dim and strobe. Runs on a single AA bateriey that is included.

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