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Terminal Tackle

  • Bouncer Basics

    Bouncer Basics includes 5 Safety Swivels and 5 Quick change bottom bouncer snaps that we use when rigging our pencil-style bottom bouncers. 

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  • Custom Tackle Boxes

    Custom Tackle Boxes

    Pick how much you want to spend, what fish you are targeting, Style of fishng and we'll send you an email to iron out the details. Please allow two weeks for delivery after your order is finalized.

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  • Mustad Beak Hooks

    Beak hooks are extra-strong to handle fish. They have long points for better penetration and are great with bait. Beak hooks have a reversed point and a turned-up, tapered eye. Nickel plated.

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  • Pencil Bottom Bouncer

    The pencil bottom bouncer has the same great fish catching qualities as the traditional bouncers and more. First, you can quickly change sizes; second, they function like a Lindy rig and finally, they untangle themselves.

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  • Premium Glow Beads

    Premium Glow Beads

    Our Premium Glow beads our are the brightest and longest glowing beads we could find. They are not the cheapest but they are the best. Visable color may very.

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  • Quick Change Snaps

    Quick Change Bouncer Snaps allow for fast bottom bouncer weight changes. If you are used to using traditional bottom bouncers try this system and you'l never go back.

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  • Tackle Buddy

    Tackle Buddy

    This storage system keeps all your prop rigs ready to catch fish. They are made of heavy duty rubber for strength and durability and have removable caps so you can store terminal tackle inside. 

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