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  • Custom Tackle Boxes

    Custom Tackle Boxes

    Pick how much you want to spend, what fish you are targeting, Style of fishng and we'll send you an email to iron out the details. Please allow two weeks for delivery after your order is finalized.

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  • Float Props

    Float Props

    Our Float Props feature a ~68" 8 lb test leader and a #4 Mustad hook. This rig suspends your bait when stationary and helps keep your bait off the bottom.

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  • Max Gap Jigs

    Max Gap Jigs

    With it’s piercing eyes, the Max Gaps short shank and wide gap RED hook provides a compact, natural presentation for a deadly hook-set. Attracting and catching fish day or night–even in stained or muddy water. For best results use a flash,...

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  • Naked Rigs

    Naked Rigs

    With a Missouri Secrets twist on the original lindy rig. The Naked Rig features preimum glow in the dark beads and are hand tied when you order. Product ships with in five days of order.

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  • Pencil Bottom Bouncer

    The pencil bottom bouncer has the same great fish catching qualities as the traditional bouncers and more. First, you can quickly change sizes; second, they function like a Lindy rig and finally, they untangle themselves.

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  • Perch Eye Jigs

    Perch Eye Jigs

    Choose between standard or 3 leader lengths pre-tied on all jigs for easy set up on your tip-ups and rattle reels. The Perch Eye Jig is becoming a favorite for crappie fishermen. It's also effective on panfish and walleye and it can be easily seen...

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  • Premium Glow Beads

    Premium Glow Beads

    Our Premium Glow beads our are the brightest and longest glowing beads we could find. They are not the cheapest but they are the best. Visable color may very.

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  • Prop Kits

    If you like tying your own rigs, this kit will give you what you need: 5-#4 Mustad hooks, 5-#2 propellers and an assortment of 10 beads. 

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  • Stand Up Jigs

    Stand Up Jigs

    Finally, a Stand-Up Jig that actually works! 75% to 100% standup average, compared to others that average 0% to 25%. This is the perfect jig for almost every river and lake-bottom jigging application. Attracting and catching fish day or night–even...

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  • Starter Kit - Prop Rigs

    Starter Kit - Prop Rigs

    With this kit the only other thing you need is a rod and reel and some good line. Choose between our Color, Metallic or Glow kits. This kit includes Prop Rigs, 5" Tackle Buddy's, 2oz pencil bottom bouncers & needed equipment.

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  • Water Puppet

    Water Puppet

    The Water Puppet is the most versatile, year round jig that you will ever own. They work great with any variation of live or plastic bait that you use. 1/16oz-1/2oz Sold in 2 pack & 3/4oz-3oz sold sepratly.

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  • Wide Gap Jigs

    Wide Gap Jigs

    Choose between standard or 3 leader lengths pre-tied on all jigs for easy set up on your tip-ups and rattle reels. The Wide Gap Jig has a unique kahle style hook that sets quick and holds'em. It's deadly on crappie and walleye and is easily seen on...

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