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  • Custom Tackle Boxes

    Custom Tackle Boxes

    Pick how much you want to spend, what fish you are targeting, Style of fishng and we'll send you an email to iron out the details. Please allow two weeks for delivery after your order is finalized.

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  • Predator Rigs

    Predator Rigs

    This rig is designed for use under bobbers, tip ups and also shore fishing on the bottom for Northern Pike and Muskie. The sliding hook allows the rig to fit any size bait-dead or alive. It is made with a 28 in. heavy duty steel leader and #2 triple grip...

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  • Premium Glow Beads

    Premium Glow Beads

    Our Premium Glow beads our are the brightest and longest glowing beads we could find. They are not the cheapest but they are the best. Visable color may very.

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  • Water Puppet

    Water Puppet

    The Water Puppet is the most versatile, year round jig that you will ever own. They work great with any variation of live or plastic bait that you use. 1/16oz-1/2oz Sold in 2 pack & 3/4oz-3oz sold sepratly.

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